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Keeping your business looking its best

At Clean Sweep Janitorial Services, our focus is on keeping corporate spaces professional with qualified cleaning services.As a janitorial company, we understand that upholding your reputation includes making great first impressions. Your company's interior sends a powerful message to potential clients. It is important to invest in a cleaning team that can ensure your business stays looking its best at all times. That is what we are here to accomplish. Our company specializes in commercial janitorial services that range from floor management to trash removal and more. We do not require contracts because we believe our work is what promotes lasting business relationships.

"Clean Sweep Janitorial Services is honest, dependable and provides exceptional cleaning services for my company. Would highly recommend to any business owner! "
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Why choose Clean Sweep Janitorial?

Hard work. Unwavering dedication. Passion for the industry. That is what we are about here at Clean Sweep Janitorial Services. For years we have developed a strong reputation as being one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Southeast Louisiana area. Everyday, we continue to cultivate our cleaning skills to best meet the needs of our clients. We strive to find cutting-edge solutions that are more efficient without cutting corners. We take pride in providing companies with a deep clean that makes a difference. From shining bathroom stalls to buffing away grime from expansive floors, we take cleaning a step further.

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